About Us


The Hong Kong Nephrology Group is formed by a group of doctors and nurses with interest in the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases. The group is devoted to early detection of renal diseases, hypertension and diabetes mellitus and improvement in dialysis service in Hong Kong.


Vision and Mission

  • To promote early detection and prevention of renal diseases including diabetic nephropathy, diabetes mellitus and hypertension
  • To promote haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
  • To promote organ donation in Hong Kong
  • To act as a platform for public-private interaction with the public hospitals on renal patients management
  • To act as a venue for continuing medical and nursing education on kidney disease management
  • To express our expert views on matters relating to the nephrology
  • To co-operate with other renal organizations for the betterment of renal service


The Incorporation of the Hong Kong Nephrology Group Ltd

The Hong Kong Nephrology Group was officially incorporated as a limited company under Company Registration Ordinance in February 2012

hkng 20120201 incorporation


World Kidney Day

In the run up to the World Kidney Day, our chairman, Dr Ho Chung Ping, advised people in Hong Kong to have regular kidney check. This is because the chronic kidney diseases do not have symptoms in the early stage.


Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held on 17th December, 2015 in the Kai Tak Renal Unit of the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital in Sung Wong Toi Road. The following office bearers were elected

Chairman: Dr Ho Chung Ping

Vice Chairman: Dr Gordon Siu Yui Pong

Hon Secretary:  Dr Leung Kay Tai, Franky

Hon Treasurer:  Ms Wong Sui Lan


Council 2016

Dr Jonathan C U Yung, Dr Choi Kin, Dr Mak Chun Kei, Dr Ho Kwun Wai, Dr Leo Chiu Kai Ming, Dr Cheung Wai Cheung, Dr Ms Wong Sui Lan, Ms Cheuk Wai Han, Ms Tam Yeuk Ming, Ms Ching Chi Wai and Ms Lok Wing Yee


Dr Ho reported the activities of the association in 2015.  There were 7 scientific meetings with local and international speakers. In addition, there were 2 continuing education sessions: the Clinical Renal Nutrition Workshop and the Clinical Nephrology Update 2015.  The Save Your Kidneys handbook was also published for the information of patients and it also served as a reference for doctors.

Dr Ho reported in the year 2016, there will be a Diabetic Kidney Camp for diabetic patients and a Private Patient Renal Registry will be set up.

It was followed by the Frontier in Nephrology session and  Dr Gordon Siu delivered the lecture ‘Will lowering uric acid improve renal function?. Dr Ho Chung Ping thanked the members for their support all along and promised to lead the group to towards the mission.